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 wbley osprey found, almost unused and as new

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PostSubject: wbley osprey found, almost unused and as new   Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:09 am

I came across and bought a webley osprey .22 which has shot a few pellets from new. It came with a tin of beatall and two tins of webley rebadged wasps. Only a few of the beatalls have been shot, and only one pellet from the wasps, by me!
The previous owner had bought the rifle in the early 80's with an intention of rabbiting, he had never shot before and with the rifle on a gate post unsurprisingly missed every shot. He put the rifle back in its bag and I bought it last month
The underside of the stock has has a small patch of varnish missing and a few scratches as a result. It still has its original handbook and open sights, has never had a screw driver on it and still slightly dieseling from its weboil, it needs to be run in.
The blueing is 100%. The rifle is essentially new and putting out 8ftlb with beatalls.
I'm going to shoot her at lea valley airgun club this saturday and decide if she is going to stay with me or be passed on to a collector.
I tried a few air arms field 5.5mm .22, but power was 7ftlb and when retrieved had no sings of rifling mark on the skirt, they are obviously too small for the barrel!
John Kibbs said they do a 5.6mm .22 pellet made for them by marksman, if I choose to keep her I'll invest in a few tins.
She is actually very nice to hold, the stock is a good fit for me and the heavy extra thick, almost 'bull' barrel really holds the muzzle on aim. We all seem to be obsessed with carbines right now, but I think we have lost a trick here, the balance is wonderful. Squared off forend as its a sidelever gives a nice front area to hold and even the single stage trigger is predictable.
I'll post up some pics when I can,
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wbley osprey found, almost unused and as new
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